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Composite Doors 

Our Composite doors are strong and easy to maintain, but they have the same classic appearance as timber. We use high-definition embossing to give our doors that traditional look with moulding that gives the unique feel of a wooden door with a solid timber core. Maintenance-free The doors themselves will not crack or warp. Our Doors offer high levels of security and all of our doors come with a multi-point locking system as standard.

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Solidcore Vs Foam filled



A typical foam filled GRP construction has only a small section of the door which is actually solid. The door is made up of two GRP skins bonded to a subframe which is then filled with high-density foam. The Gel coated GRP skins which are bonded to the frame are vulnerable to scratching, and not easily repaired if dented. Painted GRP skins are liable to fading and are commonly mismatched with supposedly matched frame colour, particularly on woodgrains.


The SOLID CORE door is made from sixteen layers of laminated veneered timber called Kerto®. This ensures the grain is not running in one direction. The grain direction can sometimes be a weak point of timber and can lead to warping, or splitting. By using a specially orientated layup of sixteen veneers, the grain is running in multiple directions ensuring the Kerto® core has significantly increased strength, rigidity, and vastly improved security. Bonded to this are two robust coloured PVC-u skins that offer a realistic wood grain effect or smooth finish in a range of colours. The door comes complete with a Sculptured frame (Chamfered is available on request) in a choice of twenty-two coloured foils as well as plain white or cream. There is also the options of a 57mm low PVC-u threshold instead of the normal 77mm as well as a 24mm aluminium which can also have wheelchair ramps fitted. Timber is naturally renewable and our Timber is purchased from sustainably managed forests and can be recycled at the end of its useful life and not destined for land fill.

A new front door will enhance the appearance of your home

Its one of the first things people see and is the focal point of your homes kerb apeal.

Replacing your front door is a great way of updating your home and modernising the exterior and well as making your home more secure. 

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Low Threshold 

There are many reasons why this is an essential option such as; wheel-chair access, the elderly and those with mobility problems, as well as making it easier for getting a pram in or out, and of course, anyone who would prefer not having a step on the way in or an extra obstacle to trip over!

For example, a standard UPVC, composite, or French door would have a threshold typically around 70mm. 

So with a low threshold, the bottom piece of the frame would be reduced in order to lower the step into your home, typically with an aluminum strip, which would be around 12mm in height. 


Secured by Design (SBD)

Secured by Design (SBD) is an initiative, on behalf of the police, that sets and oversees standards of products that can help with crime prevention.


To address domestic crime, the police have used their experience to advise on security requirements for products that can impact the security of a property. The aim is to ensure that consistent standards are met.


SBD is an accreditation that consumers can look for when selecting products to have confidence that a door or lock meets a certain level of quality.

A to suit everyone.
We offer a wide range of doors.

Our range of composite doors are available in a number of colours with various options, meaning that your front door can be designed to suit your own personal taste and requirements.

The Hallam

The Hallam 

The Wilford

The Wiford

The Rufford

The Rufford

The Wellow

The Normanton

The Normanton 

The Winthorpe


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