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Lantern roof

Edwardian / Victorian Conservatory 



An Edwardian conservatory Incorporates elegant design features characteristic of the Edwardian era, with a bold rectangular shape to create maximum floor space.


A Victorian conservatory is elegant and spacious, bay shaped, and offers great garden views. Add eye-catching design features for a period style that suits any home.



Made to your exact specification

  • Any size 

  • Strong bars for greater spans

  • 24mm or 32mm glazing

  • Any RAL colour available on request

  • High Performance glass or polycarbonate

  • Available with solid roofs


When choosing YOUR CONSERVATORY the latest materials, design, construction and glass technology can make all the difference to all year round enjoyment. We offer a wide range of Conservatories  all designed for you taking into account your home, lifestyle and your budget.


Is your Conservatory too hot in the summer and
too cold in the winter?

We can help...

Over the years technology has progressed significantly and materials are more energy efficient from the days when a Conservatory was just used as a summer room closed off from your home, more and more of our customers are having conservatories which are open- plan to their home. We can update yours any way you like, whether you just want to change your glazing, have a new roof or change both the frames and roof without disrupting your base and foundations saving you money and providing a solution to use your conservatory all year round at a fraction of the cost of a whole new Conservatory.

Start with a FREE Quote...

We offer a free design appointment.

Conservatory Styles

We will work with you and your existing conservatory to change the design to suit your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

Choose your colour 

While the traditional colour for a conservatory is white, colour is becoming a very popular choice with homeowners as they look to add something a little different. We can offer a wide range of colours for uPVC conservatories, including a white grain finish helping to replicate the finish of painted timber, which is proving particularly popular. All the materials for the windows, doors and conservatory roof are manufactured with an exact matching foiled finish of your choice, while other elements of the conservatory roof are perfectly colour matched.


SINCE 1990

From our factory in Newstead Village Nottingham. 

We provide expert design, craftmanship and manufacturing. 

We take pride in every detail to ensure that we deliver 

nothing less than the highest quality.

Designed & made by us 

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